XCortech are hell bent on offering Airsoft players professional technology, at affordable prices.

The X3200 Chronographs have been manufactured by XCortech and used for a number of years and are considered to be the best on the market, backed up by countless reviews by shops, players and sites!

XCortech saw a gap in the market, so they started designing and manufacturing Airsoft silencer style Tracer units some years ago. Starting out with the XT501 which was a great success in its day and paved the way to the current XT501 MK2 which is an exceptional unit, featuring the best UV technology available to light up those BB's, with car battery like life.

Since then, the XT301 has been released, a groundbreaking bit of kit, all 6cm's of it. It is the worlds smallest silencer style tracer unit, small enough that it can be used on pistols, AEG's long range rilfes, pretty much any Airsoft weapon you could think of! Not only that, you don't need to worry about keeping any AAA batteries around, it has a built in Lithium USB rechargeable battery on it, AMAZING!

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