Airsoft Velocity Converter

Our Airsoft Velocity Converter is here to provide you with a seamless and accurate way to convert your airsoft gun's velocity to the standard measurement of Feet Per Second (FPS) using a 0.2g BB weight.

Airsoft guns are often tested and measured using a specific BB weight, typically 0.2g, however, many airsoft players use BBs of different weights in their games, which can affect the velocity of their shots.

Our calculator allows you to easily input your airsoft gun's velocity and the weight of the BB you're using, and it instantly provides you with the equivalent FPS velocity if you were using a 0.2g BB.

Most Airsoft sites will cap the velocity energy at 350 FPS which has been measured with a 0.2g BB, however larger sites will allow snipers / DMR's at 500 FPS but with a minimum engagement distance.